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2. JUNI um 17:00 – 20:00h in Klagenfurt ich bin keine Küche Parteitag der Kunst (II) unter dem Vorsitz von Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (1897–2000) »Die Leute glauben immer, ich bin eine Küchenarchitektin, so wie sie glauben, ich sei eine Frauenrechtlerin. Beides stimmt nicht. Ich bin eine alte Systematikerin und habe mich in meiner Arbeit immer nach […]

all and parts

the part must be studied as part of a whole; the whole must be studied as being made up of parts; one may not in studying a part neglect it’s place and function in the whole, nor in looking at the whole forget that it is an assemblage, an ensemble of working parts. the system […]

days like this

es gibt tage, da habe ich das gefühl, ich verstehe alles. ich tue etwas, bin voll im moment, & gleichzeitig bewußt, dass ich das tue, kann zur selben zeit denken und fühlen. das beruhigt mich, gibt mir sicherheit. so als erlebe ich die situation von innen und außen simultan. mir wird schwindlig. ich schau mir […]

on the destructive effect of wars

some excerpts: environmental crimes in war are war crimes a tank consumes 250l of fuel per 100km on the road, in the terrain a multiple of it Wars cause massive environmental damage, what about damage that cannot be repaired at all?  „We delude ourselves of how unsustainable change processes are and how high the risk […]

Lange Nacht der Forschung/Uni Klagenfurt

For the long night of research held at Austrian Universities, the exterior wall of the uni building becomes a supersized projection space: Live Video Mapping Niki Meixner and live music Christina Clar. Hosted by the cultural association UNIKUM.

let it go

E.E.Cummings, 1 x 1 [One Times One], Liveright, 1994

Voices to be heard

50 years ago, Shchedryk Choir, a children’s choir was formed in Kyiv. Until the Russian invasion this spring, they performed, rehearsed and sung, winning awards in all international competitions in which they participated. The choir had managed to record two songs in Skt. Andreas Church in Kyiv before it became impossible due to the war. […]


gg….. ggg.. ggr…………… gggrrrrrr…………. like grief. deep in thought with, about, a friend that recently left us. what are we doing when we grief? are we really with that person that left? feeling that vacuum their passing leaves behind, like a huge void. and it’s not that anything could fill that void; a void like […]