Le Vent des Anches

(The Wind of the Reeds)

This performance is a musical and improvised journey to the junction of the Silk Road and the Middle East. The whole journey is marked by many stops, both sonic and visual. Electronics and video bathe the room in a magical atmosphere. The reed, at the origin of many instruments, holds the place of honor here, represented by the clarinet, the accordion and the sheng.

Concept: Pascal Contet
With: Carol Robinson (clarinets), 
Wu Wei (sheng, erhu, bawu), Tom Mays (electronic & visual treatment), Pascal Contet (accordion)
lightning: Xavier Lazarini
sound design: Christina Clar

MALAKOF Théâtre 71 – Scène Nationale, Auditorium St Germain, Metz Arsenal, L’Allan- Scène Nationale Montbéliard, Scène Nationale de St. Quentin-en-Yvelines, Macon Scène nationale, Centro Cultural Universitario Mexico City, 2007-10