share is a series of performances in public space realised during the exhibition I share, therefore I am in Graz. The title of the show made me ponder about what sharing means, or what it could mean. Here are some thoughts on sharing:

Giving a bit of oneself, showing a bit of oneself.
 Getting a bit of oneself back that we have not known about. 
Or a bit of someone or something else..

Sharing could be the creation of a space, of a common playground, where we are able to open ourselves up in order to give and receive. A space of trust that does not belong to anyone in particular, but to everyone.

This space might be an ongoing discussion of who we want to be, and ideally this space evolves with us, and we define what it looks like. A space we enter and leave as we wish.

And sharing could also be the opening of a space inside of oneself: the opening of a sensitivity, of an aspect, of a fragility maybe too, that we have not experienced before. These two founding elements for sharing demand of us to be present on all levels. Sometimes one only enters this space, but nothing happens. Or one enters the space of the other, but the common ground needed to get involved with oneself, and with the other, is missing. Maybe sharing is enabled when
a natural flow of giving and receiving happens, combined with an inner opening, activating a common territory, a space of trust.

I wish to create such spaces and share whatever there is to share: the person I am, and that I choose to be in that particular moment, so I can be the freest and most unburdened ‚me‘ possible. Most of the times I will select public spaces to interact, as this idea of sharing has been intrinsic to them for centuries, although in consumerist societies, driven by speed and individuality, they seem to lose relevance. I desire to communicate with people, to dance, to laugh, to draw, to be silent with them, to surprise them, and be surprised by them… The moment will tell, and what happens is going to be formed and carried by all of those participating: what, how, where and how deep we go. Limits are set by ourselves only, consciously or unconsciously. I would like get a sense of these limits with you, experience them, maybe cross them, or define them in a new way.

The series consisted of: share a thought during the opening of the exhibition. I offered yummy food in exchange of a thought, a gesture, a song or whatever people came up with; share a moment at the Lendplatz market & in front of the Forum Stadtpark: let’s share a cup of tea, a moment, a smile, or just silence, while road-dervish Ralf Kleveman will improvise for us. share a dance in the Stadtpark, with Ralf Kleveman and his his E-Piano. share a drawing at a bus stop.

group show ESC Medienlabor I share, therefore I am‘ with Christina Clar, Tobias Hoffmann, Pei-Wen Liu, Diane Ludin, Astrid Mager, Donna Metzlar, Els van Riel, Femke Snelting, Marloes de Valk, Enrique Tomas
coproduction of ESC MedienKunstLabor and Steirischer Herbst.
Musical participaton: Ralf Kleveman

Graz, 2013

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Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 2