Von Oben: Innen

(From Above: Inside)

a wandering experience of our senses; at night. back on the ground – it is now dark – we start walking. we have seen enough, we are now almost blind: the image, the surface, becomes a relief, the terrain, uneven, everything is sculptural.

the other senses come into action, together with their memories: memories of movements, of touch, of sounds, of smells. we keep our eyes closed; in order not to fall and not to get lost, we hold on to each other.

for the necessary focus of attention, we remain silent.

the scope of action is concentrated around the own body axis, but expanded by the others in front and behind. getting a sense of what surrounds oneself, with the means at disposal.
each participant of this expedition is an active creator of what happens. together we walk through a common space of experience.

concept & instructions: Christina Clar & Maki Stolberg
production: Museum am Bach within the exhibition VON OBEN (THE TOP VIEW)

Ruden, 2015