a life – margarethe schütte-lihotzky

This piece is about the work and life of Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky (1987-2000), an architect and resistance fighter who stood in for women's rights, social housing and peace. She lived and/or worked in many different countries, travelled extensively and brought inspirations from abroad into her work as an architect. I was asked to do a piece about her for a performance called 'party congress of the arts' and decided to use 12 different speakers each diffusing texts she wrote on her work and life in the language of the place where she travelled to or lived at during that time, starting chronologically with her first trip to the Netherlands in 1919. I tried to give a spacial dimension of her life and work, and a glimpse into the multitude of influences, sounds and cultures she was exposed to.

Facing the impossibility to translate a multichannel sound installation into an accessible stereo file, as it totally flattens the space: what you hear here is a stretched version of the original piece now called 'a life: margarethe schütte-lihotzky'. You will have to imagine the space! Or invite the work to be played in a space where the speakers can be distributed, or move, and where the listeners can choose their point of hearing.

a UNIKUM production https://unikum.ac.at

With the help, the voices and the translation of:

An Mertens, Fatih Aydogdu, Diethold Schaar, Monika Högl-Zupan, Marc Planceon, Źito Ťseng, Oxana Enoiu, Karin Pichler, Ángela Suárez, Tomàs Tello, Carina Edlund, Yumiko Calmon Machino, Garlo, Voin de Voin, Radostina Goranova and Christina Clar

Many thanks to you all!