sound and movement workshop

A session with the residents of the Foyer de vie Résidence La Guérinière after being immersed in sounds for three days: a jam with improvised sounds, voice and rhythms on the theme of travelling, elsewhere, where we come from or where we go, and where we are.

A proposal based on sound and visual materials brought back from Christina Clar's travels, in particular from Australia.

With: Laurence, Nathalie, Clémence, Christine, Coralie, Emile, Jessica, Pascal, Thierry, Deux Stéphane, Kévin, René, Patrick, Dominique.

Thanks to Sandra Rahard and Madeleine Bata for the invitation.

Concept: Christina Clar & Marc Planceon

Morsang sur Orge. September 9, 2015.